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napa cv boot clamp pliers Slide the boot onto the housing to enclose the joint I did not install the larger CV boot clamp at this point 21. Buy an extra so that you can screw up once. a set of special pliers for crimping the CV boot clamps lots and lots of shop towels to wipe away a lot of grease Locktite Once you have the tools you will need the parts I used realoem. Its jaws crimp the clamp. While replacing an O2 sensor I noticed that both the inboard cv boots are torn. Here is another one not sure if it is the same. View attachment CV Boot Stock CV boot clamps dont normally fail the only time we see failures is when running CVs at high speed for long periods of time the boot will build up so much heat the boot swells the cup gets hot and the boot will slightly melt and then the boot slips off. 5 Sep 26 2010. ALL PRO products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship prior to installation. If you put the axle clamp in the groove like the shop manual says the large end will not stay on when making a sharp turn. They are hose clamps but are thin to fit in the groove that the regular boot clamp fits in. Tool will work on late model GM Super Boot. as long as the bearings still have grease you can rebiuld. I had already had the axle out of the cup before and I watched a couple YouTube videos showing how easy it is to remove a snap ring and pull the 3 head Product Title Kritne CV Joint Ear Clamp Pliers Ear Hose Clamp Pincers Ergonomic Ear type CV Boot Clamps For Crimping Clamping The Lamps Of Fuel And Cooling System Hoses Average Rating 0. Its pretty easy but messy. just the boot or the axle. The alternative is to buy the BMW tool 90. C 33. 07 plus tax. Pull back boot from inner CV bell housing. 88 shipping. 1 out of 5 stars 26. Earless Type CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers. My 2002 Passat V6 CV Boot 14. CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers. Please provide a link to this tool. Tools required Everything to remove an axle Cutting pliers or something to cut the boot off Needle nose pliers Hose clamps if you can 39 t figure out those metal zip ties Engine or brake cleaner or wd40 or Check out this awesome diy cv boot banding tool i made for tightening cv axle boot clamps. The parts are less that 100 if I do it myself. Get the tool also to tighten them. Easy to use parts catalog. And how is everyone with zip LISLE 30800 CV Joint Boot Banding Tool. JAWM 2Pcs Auto CV Clamp and Joint Boot Clamp Pliers Car Banding Tools Set Ear Type Boot Clamp Pliers. Basically a 17mm deep socket for the lower ball jiont. One kit had a 92mm and 32mm the other a 104mm and 35mm so check this before you leave and save yourself a headache. A sturdy low cost tool. The OME struts have a wider lower spring perch when pulling the clevis forks into place for the lower clevis bolt the bottom plate pinches the CV boot near the first Whether it be cv boots for your vehicle or a cv boot repair part our range has it all and so much more At Repco we not only strive to offer the best auto parts but exceptional customer service. KNIPEX Heavy Duty Forged Steel Revolving Punch Pliers with Red Powder Coating 34 Model 90 70 220. Also note the genuine Ford kits use 39 Oetiker 39 type boot clamps which nedd the correct pliers to fit and clamp the boot. If the CV axle on your vehicle fails you shouldn 39 t drive CV Boot Clamp Cutting Pliers. This ratcheting crimping tool is ideal for insulated and bare terminals. the clamp tool can be rented from some stores. I 39 m sure your local auto parts store can get you a pair if they 39 re not hanging on the rack. It is 24 inches. They come with rubber coated grips for comfort. 2. CV boot clamps keep the CV boot in place and protect it from vibrations while you drive. Both tools are called CV boot clamp pliers. P N Durable CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers Manual Installation Tool For Fuel Filters New. I tore my driver s side CV boot tried to patch it but it didn t really work so I had to replace it. Coolant Reservoir. lisle 30800 cv boot clamp pliers at amazon. Needle nose pliers work I 39 ve never used a pliers like that on CV boot clamps. NPT Steel AMFLOC38 MiltonN A Truflate13 334 NAPA90 612 Lincoln862 FosterN A Tridon Clamp R Lined 13 Mm TRLC13P Tridon . If your axle is OK and all you are trying to do is replace the rear rotor then you will only need to cut the two clamps on the one inner boot of the axle the outer boot wheel side does not need to be messed with. 59. CV JOINT BOOT CLAMP EAR PLIERS PROFESSIONAL TOOL ALSO FOR RADIATOR FUEL HOSE. 82 12. Make sure you have everything nice and lined up and get a good even bite on the tabs with your pliers while squeezing. 7. OEM part number 04438 04021. 12 110. 73. 80. Part 15026. I 39 m gonna cut the old boot and use the c clip. You have to remove the axle anyways but the rebiuld kit is 1 4 the cost of the axle. Universal CV Boot Clamp Pliers DM21 4077 Check Our New Flyer Below Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google WAS 114. Top Rated Seller. Buy Constant Velocity CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers SER 3955 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores Get deals on automotive parts truck parts and more. For CV boot kits that include a wide range of newer vehicles in addition to popular American and Euro classics we 39 ve got Beck Arnley CV Joint Boot Kits the EMPI CV Joint Boot Kit Genuine CV Boot Kit mostly European and Asian imports from 1994 on Moog CV Joint Boot Kit and the Rein CV Joint Boot Kit includes BMWs back to 1969 . Here is the tool CV JOINT BOOT CLAMP PLIERS. some cv boot bands can be reused and some clamps have to be tighte. Quite expensive. Part SER 3191. Look at that second picture closely. 160 which is about 200 right now. Designed to crimp the ear type CV boot clamps used on front wheel drive vehicles. 3. Boot kit 5860 amp Napa has changed the number to 6861188 it is for a 39 95 Suzuki swift 1. National Automotive Parts Association Tool 8700226 Boot clamp pliers for EAR type bands Tool 8700225 Boot clamp pliers for EARLESS type bands. MIKKUPPA CV Boot Clamp Pliers and Joint Ear Clamp Banding Kit Cooling System Vacuum Hose Clamping Set. slide the larger end of the boot over the cv joint and work it around to make sure the grease gets in there. For the larger clamp I recommend using these Moog clamps so that it too is installed with the same boot clamp This is a hose clamp tool. IWISS Ratchet Clamp Cinch Tool Crimper Tool for Stainless Steel Clamps from 38 inch to 1 inch for ASTM F2098 PEX Clamps and CarTruck Hose Clamp. Ear Type CV Boot Clamp Pliers Manufacturers Part 4723 Designed to crimp the ear type CV boot clamps used on front wheel drive vehicles May also be used to crimp the type of clamps used on fuel and cooling systems hoses Ensure even precise crimping and eliminates possibility of damage to the clamp boot or hose OTC Tools 4723 Ear Type CV Gary get the pliers for your type of boot clamp they are 10 at the local discount auto parts house here. KD 424 17. COM low profile stepless clamps Plier 192 Item 14100134. The boot kits I got from NAPA had the wrong size of band clamps. or Best Offer C 33. Your car has two half shafts thus 4 boots and four CV 39 s. Performance Tool CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers. Cvcvsc. Using snap ring pliers expand the ring and pry ir out of the groove on the shaft. Nothing special about them. 3 Tighten the axle clamp and pull the boot back and fill it with the new grease. Failure to keep the CV joint clean and secure may lead to damaged CV boot clamps and eventual CV axle failure. 40 each local pickup. Let me put another way 98 ZJ 198000 miles original CV axle shaft . All you need to do is measure the diameter of the price you want to clamp and go to an auto parts store. 77 TOL LIS30800 Worked great _____ MT 930 1987 930 Gone but not forgotten A man with priorities so far out of whack doesn 39 t CV Boot clamp pliers are specially designed to help remove the metal bands which hold the CV boot in place. One side more than the other can someone please help with this the clamps are kinda weird you cant Used to Pull CV Drive Axles from the Transmission of Front Wheel Drive Cars Note Use with OEM Slide Hammer 27033 CV Boot Pliers 002068 1500 27055 Plier Designed for Use on Earless Type Clamps Including Those Found on Late Model GM Inboard CV Joints Overall Length 7 1 2 19cm 30 mm 12 Point Axle Nut Socket SKU 191051 1599 25157 captainzib wrote Ok I considered a screw type hose clamp but I assumed that there was a good reason why hose clamps were marketed for hoses and cv boot clamps were marketed for cv boots. February 13 2014 at 9 36 pm 574614. With billions of connections in service our connecting solutions are the OEM s choice and can be found on over 20 different vehicle brands. Should be able to get the pliers about any auto place there 39 s different styles of boot clamps meaning different styles of pliers. Two 482 mm clamps. 5 parts but the 2. Free delivery postcode specific Delivery method. 31. MIKKUPPA CV Boot Clamp Universal Adjustable Stainless Steel Drive Shaft Joint kit Pack of 8. Check to make sure you have enough clearance for the hose clamp worn gear Re Tools required to change cv boot. 37. truck has 87xxx miles and the boots are in great shape. Then wipe away the excess grease. HOW TO WORK 1. from United States. . Designed to keep your hands free for releasing the retaining clip. 10 Pcs Universal Adjustable Axle CV Joint Boot Crimp Clamps Large amp Small Kits. sign7 Cost was 12 at NAPA. Their size is designed to fit exactly over the boot for a given axle diameter they work good. Video version replacing the CV while in the car. I use NAPA part 686 5833 and 686 5834. 17. 68 62. Driveshaft NAPA New. 8 out of 5 stars 35 16. High carbon steel jaws handles with a black oxide finish and ABS grip sleeves make this tool easy and comfortable And since the Autozone special universal boot clamps I bought were chintzy as can be I actually ended up re using the factory clamp. I put the Gems controller under the quot tripod quot steering suport fit perfect and is guarded by the tubing. The only special tool would be the one that tightens installs the CV boot clamp. Next drain or scoop the old grease into a pan. 95. 100 ft bands 5422k42 I replaced the passenger side CV boot on my 1995 Mercury Villager this weekend twice actually. I used a cheap AutoZone axle on one car and a pair of moderate price NAPA axles the 2nd time. 10 1 2 in. 119. Because so far I have bought 2 from O 39 Reilly and Napa and neither will work on your clamps. These CV boot crimp pliers are needed to install ear type CV joint clamps onto your CV boots. The air in the boot heats up expands and if the small end of the boot is too tight there is nowhere for the air to go and the boot expands sometimes to the point of failure. Shipping Information. Also depending on the boot kit itself you may need to buy a special tool to tension the boot clamps. From Hong Kong. I had a brand new pair of 7 quot Vice Grip pliers from last Christmas. 7 Part Number WMR W83013. Do a Google image search for quot CV Joint Clamp Tool quot and the pics should give you an idea of what you 39 re trying to make with the pliers. I was inspecting the boot and noticed the clamp for the inner boot for the shaft side was coming off. Raise engine and remove driver 39 s side and front motor mounts. CV Boot Clamp Pliers Tool NAPA Carlyle tools 3955. Clamp style CV boot band tool One option KD CV Boot Clamp Tool KD3955 Circ clip pliers Three jaw puller sometimes required for CV disassembly Angle grinder Welder Torque Specs New Hardware o Diff Cover Bolts 25 ft lbf o Front Mount Main Bolts 65 ft lbf OEM Hardware o Per Factory Specs It sounds hard but a full re build invloves pulling the CV out of hte truck clipping off the two boot clamps emptying some of the grease out undoing a snap ring then pulling the boot off and the 3 bearing roller thingy spraying it all down with brake cleaner and putting it all back together with new grease. I ripped up the tabs on one while rushing to get it on. and I bought a packet of CV grease 4 and put Betty White up on the ramps The hardest part of this whole thing was getting the old clamps off without damaging the boots The inner clamps are harder. 50 3. 00 26. Put the part in search box. 25 in. 99 quot Then we re gonna grab our TPE boot pliers. They have apparently been this way for a long time. 1 Lisle Boot clamp pliers. Remove the clamp tie that holds the larger end of the rubber boot to the CV joint. Cheers Stew Attached are KICKER431 39 s instructions that will be helpful in getting the axle off of the machine. Dorman CV Boot Kit 614 701 28. 99. 2 sold. SKU 1069107 4. OEMTOOLS 24689 3 Piece Hose Pinching Pliers Set Hose Clamp Pliers Plastic Hose Clamp Radiator Hose Clamps Hose Pinch Pliers Fuel Li. After the third adjustment to the screw I pressed the end of the clamp over the nibs with a small screwdriver and released the pliers perfect on the big clamp Neilsen Ear Type Cv Joint Boot Clamp Pliers READY TO SHIP ORDER NOW Product Information. Dont quote me on the part number but give it a try. In my 11 800 book it lists the quot CV boot clamp pliers 8700226 quot . Tau137 said CV joint should be fine. Or my buddy got his from NAPA auto. GST. In Store Only Pliers This is a CV boot clamp pliers. and NO normal wire cutters will not A wide variety of cv boot clamp pliers options are available to you such as stainless steel You can also choose from not rated serrated and smooth cv boot clamp pliers as well as from circlip crimping and multi functional cv boot clamp pliers and whether cv boot clamp pliers is 3 years. 2 May 26 2015. Joined Feb 10 2015. Napaonline. Yes the boot can be replaced without removing the axle but you will have to take it out of the transmission. Pick a CV joint. Featuring an adjustable crimping compression mechanism and an up down ratchet lock the crimping tool is designed for 10 to 22 gauge wire. Customer Service 1 800 533 6127 Tech Service 1 800 533 6127 Email inquiry service solutions. A special thanks to david feinberg for this tutorial. Pliers. Dealer clamps don 39 t have an ear for crimping. 09. the boot clamps are really hard to do right. In addition to a pliers part it also has a little anvil that extends down at the same time. Also replaced just an outer CV boot on the first car and ended up having to redo the job later when the inner CV boot failed. C 22. Cats Paw TM hose clamp pliers are used to remove and install all types of hose clamps. Jumbo Curved Clamp Pliers. So let 39 s talk about CV boots axles you know CV axles the front wheel drive axles. 0 kit part is Motorcraft TS 170 Ford F5RZ 3A331 A Take care to get the correct parts. 792 quot . This CV BOOT INSTALLATION I have heard that using a clamp or zip tie to fasten the small end of the CV boot can result in a quot blow out quot . I bought mine from Harbor Freight for 79. LISLE 30500 CV Joint Boot Banding Tool ALL THE PARTS YOUR CAR WILL EVER NEED Show Prices In US Dollars Australian Dollars AU Brazilian Real R Canadian Dollars CAD Swiss Francs CHF Euros British Pounds Japanese Yen Mexican Pesos Mex Norwegian Krone kr New Zealand Dollars NZ Carlyle Tools by NAPA PJP10 Parrot Jaw Pliers 10 Inch. to do so there is a retaining ring very close to the top of the cup housing after This is my super post regarding not only a KW V1 installation and review but also replacing your sway bar end links and outer tie rod assemblies as well as replacing and repacking your inner and outer front CV boots Part I KW installation Review First of all I want to give a GIANT Product Overview. This time I will use the stock I pulled and do the boot slide. 2 Jan 31 2016. You don 39 t have to wrangle with small parts and worry about damaging adjacent parts in the process. depending on how much you want to spend. Shipping wt. Maybe I 39 m misremembering which pliers I got from where but on NAPA 39 s website I don 39 t see the pliers I pictured. I wanted a thicker rubber that I could tighten down a hose clamp without cutting into the cv boot. CV inner boot replacement. I tore a front cv boot on the wife s 570 which is why I bought tool although some Polaris cv clamps are reusable I would not reuse them personally. Mechanics plumbers electricians and technicians will find the exact plier or plier set to meet their needs and all our hand tools are backed by a lifetime warranty. I figured it was because i lifted and drove it without dropping the differential so i lowered it wiped off the grease and still comes out. Remove lower control arm to frame retainer bolt. Or an external source. 6. Install the new boot and small clamp on the axle. Makes removal and installation of clamp easier. The first attempt was foiled by what I will politely refer Lisle CV boot clamp pliers review and CV axles discussion. with some patience and cussing the snapring can be removed without the tool but the cost is worth it even if you only use it once. Product Title Sports Parts Inc MC 12758 CV Boot Clamp Pliers. 95 with grease from Adirondack Auto. 39 0. CV boot clamp crimp tool CV boot clamps available at O 39 Reillys just ask. 98 The NorRec CV Boot Clamp Kit includes Two 254 mm clamps. Getting boot clamp pliers makes assembly a bit easier but using a side cut pliers can work too. Stainless steel zip ties work too. These model pliers squeeze and push down on the connection at the same time for tight squeeze. With over 400 stores our team are here to help you make the right choice every time Don t r eport a perished or worn CV boot in the hope you will see the vehicle when it needs a new drive shaft. The Oeteker clamps that came with the set don 39 t appear to be long enough to engage around the large end of the boot even in their loosest position. 244 Posts. I wouldn 39 t use them item 1 KD Napa Tools 3150 Reversible Internal External Snap Ring Pliers Made in USA 1 KD Napa Tools 3150 Reversible 8milelake CV Joint Boot Clamps Pliers For earless type clamps. There 39 s really not much to it just put the clamp on and use the pliers to snug it down. 69. You will also need to pick up a a pair of band clamp pliers. I d highly recommend not only that wrench but a good set of metric wrenches and sockets a NAPA CV Boot clamp tool and a good set of snap ring or circlip pliers. CV Joint fits PEUGEOT 207 Front Outer 1. Cost 8. The best sizes I found were 100mm and 35mm. Quickly removes the vehicle CV joint from the drive shaft without damaging the joint. EPI Performance CV Joint Kit. The boot is meant only as a dust cover. Product 025 6126 8. Top Rated. Pry off the old clamps and cut off the old boot. Tim Participant. com Front inner CV boot kit Front outer CV boot kit Axle nut Thanks for the writeup. I doubt if NAPA even knows where the core axles originate from. Here 39 s a link to an excellent re boot write up Which shows a couple of the clamp styles and tool part numbers with links. CV boot kits. . The manual specifically says not to use a zip tie since the rack creates a vacuum under turning and you don 39 t want to suck in water. CTA Manufacturing. We aim to ship orders as soon as they are received and with up to four collections from our central warehouse per day there is a very high chance you could be receiving your purchase tomorrow. 89 10 off. Uses standard Mayhew 28651 and 28654 replacement cable and sheath systems. Works on earless type clamps including those found on GM inboard CV joints. 99 List List Price 23. com NAPA Constant Velocity CV Joint Boot Clamp UJ3415 eBay. Inner CV boot job need help Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone Enter your ride HERE to be a part of this month 39 s Ride of the Month Challenge 1 17 of 17 Posts Now I 39 m bringing this back up. thehand Don 39 t mess around with the just pull and 8. Crimps and flattens clamps on ear type CV joint boot clamps. Free In Store or Curbside Pick Up Fast Boot X Superior Design combined with Premium Quality to provide a longer lasting CV Boot Premium Quality Fast Boot X cv boots are made in the US from premium quality rubber to minimize abrasion wear and provide a long service life. Individual or universal CV boot clamps are available for most applications. Thanks Genuine STRETCH CV Boot Tool. if your using clamps like these Clamps McMaster Carr i would use a pair of slip joint pliers on the boot clamp pliers and give it a little wiggle to make sure that the clamp was tight. No removal of the axle. Ensures even precise crimping and reduces possibility of damage to the clamp boot or hose. 82 12. Clutch Master Cylinder. Australian Designed amp Easy to operate. 40 RRP 114. 1. Ok the tool to tighten the factory style clamp is this one can be bought here Amazon. Ebay. 69 shipping estimate. Not too sure you can get the grease from Toy outside of the boot kit though but that 39 s quot only quot 47 . We develop and produce billions of connecting solutions every year and are driven by the values that have underpinned our success for over 75 years. this started happening after i lifted the truck. 54. Ok so I have searched the threads and only found very little help on the replacement of the inner CV Boot. Was Previous Price. It helps tremendously if you drop the exhaust first buy new gaskets and jack the car as high as possible. What tool do I need Went to 2 auto parts stores and neither had CV boot clamp pliers. A snap ring holds the CV joint to the splined end of the drive shaft. Both outlasted the rest of the car but I d probably choose the NAPA or better part today. Hello Here are a couple Part Numbers for NAPA CV Boot Clamp Pliers 12. Handles standard and space saver clamps up to 2 3 32 quot . Wish I would have done that in the first place I need to purchase or borrow a CV boot clamp crimp tool today if possible. 29 ABN CV Boot Clamp Pliers Tool for Ear Type Clamp Crimping or Removal on VW Audi BMW Mercedes Honda Mazda Vehicles A minor handle shape change like some of the napa ones that are slightly contoured IN some to bring the handles a little closer together would be a great improvement I got the little one on. Crimps and flattens clamps on ear type CV joint boot clamps. I spent a good bit of Titan Tool 5in Curved Locking Clamp Pliers. Thankfully they are reusable The boot kit for the 4wd van is Toyota 04438 28021 old number or 04438 28022 new number . 0. you can purchase purpose built quot CV boot clamp pliers quot and they are not very expensive. The problem is that the boots are too short. Hose Clamp Pliers 8 Model 85 51 180 A. 5 quot longer then what DSS gives you just enough to allow you to get it clamped. Jumbo Curved Clamp Pliers 5 99. Product Line NAPA Service Tools Constant Velocity CV Joint Boot Clamp Banding Tool Band It. The outer boot sees all the quot abuse quot of turning while the inner boot and CV sees much less flexing. It is for This is a CV boot clamp pliers. 2 quot Pliers SER 3955 11. But Lisle 30500 is essentially the same thing. Features Ear Type CV Joint Boot Clamp Crimp Pliers Crimp pliers for installing ear type CV joint clamps onto CV boots 90 Day Limited Warranty Sold As Each For any difficulty using this site with a screen reader or because of a disability please contact us at 1 800 444 3353 or cs harborfreight. C 9. Part number 86 2403 I put the part number into Google and found that NAPA carried the part. If you use hose clamps don 39 t over tighten them. tool like I have and used on my 2001 Sportsman400 Tool PU 48951 Boot clamp pliers for STEPLESS type bands This is the type of bands now on the 2008 Sportsman 500 and as I have said before are a nightmare to install. Unfortunately the Dorman brand universal cv boot clamp was a joke. CV Boot amp Hose Clamp Pliers Ear Type. Then proceeded to attach the boot clamps. 2 May 16 2013. C 19. Cv boot pliers and clamps. Joined Apr 5 2013. Crimps and flattens clamp on ear type constant velocity joint boot clamps Boot Clamp Pliers 1 1. Secure the car and raise the front on multiple pairs of jack stands and wood blocks During the ball joint job I accidentally pulled the axles out of the cups and had to replace the CV boot clamps and I guess all the monkeying around was the last straw for that old boot. When I walked in to the back I saw about 400 drivelines all makes and models for 4. 99. The other point is concerning match marks. It also depends on which boot clamps come it the kits your getting. The NAPA part numbers are on the photo site in my album on replacing a CV boot. Performance Tool W83013 Performance Tool CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers. 40 NOW 82. 30950 cv joint banding tool. for earless type clamps. LISLE 30800 Boot Band Pliers Ear Type Clamps Info . 29. Current Price 26. Average Rating 0. I 39 m not even sure exactly what tool I need Probably gonna have to order from Amazon. Napa Ultra Pro 62262 10 quot Hose Pinch Off Pliers. Or if you 39 re cheap you can make your own out of a set of needle nose pliers. 98. 20 sold. Lay under the truck and adjust boot to minimize bellow rubbing then crimp cv clamp. The clamps are not unlike CV boot clamps on modern automobiles. Flushed the old grease out of the joint then knocked it off the axle with a dead blow mallet. Pliers has locking mechanism to hold clamp in the open position. What 39 s listed in the 13 900 service manual is quot Axle boot clamp tool PU 48951 and CV boot clamp pliers 8700226 quot . this is from Kent Moore tools SPX they will have to be ordered through a Polaris dealer. Note For tools you will need a large torque wrench. Discussion Starter 7 Aug 22 2012. com Where it is used Power steering reservoir Where to buy I have not found a cheap source. Duh. One option for the CV joint boot is Porsche part number 928 332 924 02 which is a CV boot kit consisting of the boot clamps snap ring CV joint grease and an end cap which is not used in the Ferrari application. Pete You can get an outer CV joint rebuild kit for 90 shipped per side from Marquette Automotive that includes the new joint and boot. I can get the part if any one needs it. 9. Buy it on Amazon http amzn. Allows technician to access the flat type hose clamps located in hard to reach areas. Brand New. 11. The small clamp is easy assuming you remembered to slide it onto the shaft since it installs just like the clamps on the outer end of the axle. Special tips work on the ear less type CV boot clamps. 11. 100 secure payment by debit or credit card. C 24. Be prepared to replace this ring because they often break. Clamp Flex Driver. 3 Aug 15 2009. Picked up my Napa lifetime warranty CV axle with heavy duty thermoplastic outer boot today. I paid 8. 3. These can be very expensive or 14 on Amazon Hose Clamp Pliers Clic amp Clic R Type For Mercedes BMW Audi VW Collar Pliers CV Boot Clamp Repair Tools Amazon. SAVE 28 Oetiker is a family owned business founded in 1942 in Horgen Switzerland by Mr. PU 48951 CV BOOT CLAMP PLIERS STEPLESS 99. Don 39 t confuse these with the similar sounding Snap Ring pliers totally different. The CV boot keeps dirt out of the CV joint that allows your wheel to turn. I would much rather save a little money and replace just the boot. I would only replace boot. I have done one CV swap with Napa 39 s. Jump to Latest Follow 1 16 of 16 Posts Napa 39 s are stainless and doubled layer. The first mounts to the hub and presses the axle out of the steering arm. Your already taking the CV axle out so no more work required really less work required and not that much more then just a boot kit. STRETCH CV Boots are available as a single boot kit or in an economical I 39 ve never used a pliers like that on CV boot clamps. OTC 4724 Stinger Ear Type CV Boot Clamp Plier necessary to tighten the fourth OEM boot clamp if you want to use it instead of the Moog clamps. On my 330xi the passenger side cv boot is leaking. com p. Boot Clamp Pliers CV Clamp Tool CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers Set Crimps and flattens ear type clamps Pliers set for fast and simple tensioning and securing of CV boot banding strap. It measured to 2. Product Line Balkamp. 12. Wrap free end clamps 3 8 quot or 1 4 quot roll band and clip around and clip around These heavy duty CV Boot Clamp Pliers can be used by hand or with the assistance of a power bar and torque wrench if specific torque is required Laser Tools is a premier automotive brand of tools that offers a full range of traditional high quality hand tools and also an increasing range of specialist tools designed to make easy work of Oetiker CV Drive Shaft Joints Boot Clamp Clip Pliers. There is not tear no leaks and it smells realy bad. Made in the USA. 03. com. A dedicated pair of the proper pliers is really handy when securing the clamps on the boot. Pliers feature a solid one piece construction with a locking device for control and comfort. I got out my digital caliper and measured the diameter of the sealing surface. All the kits work about the same but some are better quality. 32 with free shipping Power fist cv boot clamp pliers at Princess Auto Canadian 21. BMW 33 2 111 116 117 Outer CV joint removal tool. Factory Mazda reman axle shafts are 250ish on the Jim Ellis Mazda site from the looks of it. A poor photo but here 39 s the crimp in the clamp for the boot made by the CV Pliers. 79. Add To Cart Regarding the pliers I am familiar with them but they won 39 t work unless you can get the clamp to do the initial engagement where the two ends of the clamp attach to each other. While seated on the ouside of the wheel take a firm grip on the underside of the wheel and pull outward untill inner joint assemble falls free. 0 outer CV boot kit is for a smaller CV joint and will not corretly fit a 2. Here 39 s the link Cost about 12. It CV joint grease is very thick by design. A lot more than the proper amount of 4 oz. If that in fact is an oetiker clamp. Grips clamp in many positions to tighten clamp around boot. com DA 19 PA 45 MOZ Rank 85. 99 2013 Outlander 650 Max XT 2 New OEM 1st Gen. FIRSTOFFER Limited Sale Search Results For quot Cv Boot Clamp Pliers quot 11 Items. Manufactured from chrome vanadium steel with black phosphate finish for maximum durability. There is one clamp on each end of Revolution Of 1800 Ap Essay Rubric the rubber boot. If you 39 re depending on the boot to hold the grease against the joint then you 39 d have to use a lot of grease. For easy installation of Perma Quick type hose clamps on fuel filters water pumps other cooling system hoses and CV joint boot clamps. Ear type CV joint boot clamp pliers. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. as the CV joints and boots for a 78 85 Porsche 930 turbo are the same. Locking device for control and comfort. The Porsche CV Joint part number is 930 332 034 00. New Listing CV Boot Clamp Pliers Tool NAPA Carlyle tools 3955. Easily replace hoses and prevent them slipping off when opening the clamp. Most people just replace the entire axle boot and all. The dealer wants roughly 1K to replace both the inner and outer boots on both sides. 0 out of 5 stars. Failure to keep the CV joint clean and secure may lead to damaged CV boot clamps and eventual CV axle failure CV boots drive shafts and joints for all makes of cars. It tore during installing my lift which is basically a frankelift. Lorrin Barth. 4. 50 Inc. The small one required a lot more pressure and the NAPA pliers just weren 39 t up to it. 74. It 39 s meant to stay in the joint not be held in by the boot. C 34. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Detailed steps below. Lots of witness marks on the lower piece too. Tighten smaller CV Boot clamp 18. I use a Lisle 30800 CV Boot Clamp Pliers. Pliers CV Boot Clamp Pliers Evercraft. In Store Only. or Best Offer. Thanks KNIPEX 7 1 4 in. 99 15 . Also you can get universal band clamps which size up or down. Wanted to give a quick breakdown to my thought process on this again. 37. 19 shipping estimate. 7 out of 5 stars 1 220. Drive Motor Coolant Pump. At home between 21 04 2021 and 22 04 2021 for any order placed before 10 am Free shipping If you did not install the smaller clamp now is the time to do so. The best tool in my box is a homemade jobber I made from a pair of channel lock pliers same as riverjet. 93. 19. Looks like it could be a zip tie also hard to tell. I pulled one of these kits off my shelf so you can see what 39 s inside. 10mm Triple Square bit or socket This was a difficult find several box stores had never heard of them. I cut the band off and replaced with a clamp from NAPA. I have a 2002 tacoma D cab with a 4 quot DB Lift Was on there when I bought the truck . Heavy Duty My 1 year old oem CV shaft on the passenger side has started leaking from the small end of the inner boot. Napa rocks. add to compare. CV Boot Installation Cone Tool New For Universal Stretch CV Boots 1pc Convenient. 30500 cv boot clamp pliers. May also be used to crimp the type of clamps used on fuel and cooling system hoses. I put those on my OEM shafts. You will need to clamp them with some type of tool. 19. CV Joint Boot Installation Tool. Save 80 Buy Constant Velocity CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers SER 3955 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. CV JOINT PLIERS EAR TYPE BOOT CLAMP CLAMPING BAND COOLANT STEERING HOSE CLIP 16C. 9. DESCRIPTION. Qty My kit had the crimp clamps so I found a cv joint boot clamp crimp pliers at NAPA. Ear Type CV Boot Clamp Pliers. See More. See More Specifications Check the Fit. 88. Tool 8700226 Boot clamp pliers for EAR type bands. Clean the hole and apply your favorite RTV. these are 300degree CV temps that cause this. Get deals on automotive parts truck parts and more. 77 TOL LIS30800 Worked great _____ MT 930 1987 930 Gone but not forgotten A man with priorities so far out of whack doesn 39 t The best hose clamp pliers for cars and trucks make removal of hose clamps quick and painless. Don 39 t clamp it down yet. Unbolt the cover or carefully remove the big clamp and pull the boot back. NAPA to the rescue. . Coolant Water Outlet. Buy Pliers CV Boot Clamp OTC 4724 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Toledo CV Boot Clamp Pliers 311009. Skin packed. Coolant Thermostat Housing Assembly. Holding the joint by the spindle strike the CV joint outward until it comes off of the axle. quot That is a direct quote from the video which is less than a year old. Get it by Tomorrow With the correct set of pliers you can pull alot more pressure on the actual CV clamps if one so chooses. Replace worn cv boots before they split. CV Joint Boot Installation Tool 1 Engine Intermediate Shaft Bearing Tool Set 1 Hose Clamp Pliers 10 Power Tools amp Accessories 9 O2 Sensor Socket 8 Some replacement CV joint clamps. Average rating 0 out of 5 stars based on 0 reviews. Remove the washers and C clip making a note of the orientation of the dished washer. They make a tool for the clamps I got mine at NAPA that makes life much easier. 4D 2006 on C. BMW 31 5 130 Impact drift. 00 you will need a couple specialty tools to complete the project that you wouldn 39 t need for the removal of the axle. Buy Constant Velocity CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers SER 3955 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. ARO Series Type B DescriptionFemale 1 4 in. Since I need the car running I just used plastic zip ties in its place which formed a surprisingly secure clamp. Suitable for releasing and refitting reuseable clic and clic R hose clips. I started researching CV boot clamp pliers but most were very large too large for this application. I have every boot clamp tool made and paid a small fortune for them. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions 28635 Mound Road Warren MI 48092 USA. Let 39 s just talk about those in general. Tube of CV boot grease also available at O 39 Reillys auto parts If you have trouble finding a CV boot clamp that works for outer boot on the DSS axles go to Napa and buy CVB 6865834 came out to 5. xx for two This is about . 19. These are polaris part numbers for their tools. The patented tool free design would not let me tighten properly so I eventually had to give up. Crimp pliers for installing ear type CV joint clamps onto CV boots. Maybe i should compare them to Sn this is where Polaris dealers go to buy stuff and us common folks cannot purchase items from them. V. 0 out of 5 stars 1 4 in. R style preformed CV boot clamps. Heavy duty 24 quot cable flexes to almost any position. I recommend OEM style metal clamps. 28 Posts. 82. 6 coupon applied at checkout. Needle nosed pliers saved the day. 68. When the tool number comes up click on the tool number and a picture of the tool and mating bands will show. check if this fits your vehicle 28. It is flexible. CV joint grease was included with the boot kit. Slid the shaft back into the joint assembly making sure the spring clip snaps back into place on the shaft. Can 39 t get the big one on. Make sure they 39 re very narrow. I was going to try and tighthen or replace the clamp but I am not sure how. S p o n s o r e d. They are about 1. compare now. Replaced boots and overhauled cv joint twice since new. Constant Velocity CV Joint Boot Clamp . Cv Boot Clamp Pliers Ear Type 22. When I installed my DSS axles the clamps were too small for the outer boot if this happens I found that the clamps from Napa Automotive worked well P CVB 6865834. 254 Posts. You 39 re quite right though it looks totally reusable. The cheap earless band clamp pliers from NAPA worked fine on the large clamp. 1 review. 264 sold. The past three years I 39 ve been working at a general repair shop after market repair shop. All you need besides the basic tools is a 5 16th punch for the roll pin and iirc a 36mm socket for the hub. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers 39 doors worldwide all at warehouse prices. Coolant Filler Neck. Unbolt transmission and lower the trans. Need special boot clamp pliers nitrile gloves brake cleaner lots of rags and some cardboard to catch the mess in addition to all the tools required to simply swap the half shaft. Add to basket. The crimp clamps are awesome with the right tool. Clamp looks very similar to the factory one and so far has performed really well. The solution is to clamp the large end first and then bend the CV joint as far as it will go and see where the small end is and clamp it there. blogspot. I am looking for any help with where to look for a manual or DIY Buy Car Transmission CV Joints amp Parts for 1989 Mazda 323 and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay Great Savings amp Free Delivery Collection on many items I had an issue with my front cv joint but I did not have the quot tool quot so I went to a driveline shop near by. Shipping Options for NEW Lisle 30800 CV Boot Clamp Pliers Ear Type 60 Shipping 2 7 Business days 12. Although the small clamp did not fit the inside spot on the boot so we used a hose clamp. Use most supplied CV grease by squeezing it into the joint assembly . From United States. if you over tighten it itll break and you can just put in a new one it takes a pretty good amount of force to break the clamps. so I dug into this problem. 807 e. 3 358 Posts. Ideal for most makes and model of car and light commercial vehicles. 77 Qty 4 Universal Silicone CV Constant velocity Dust Cover Joint Boot Drive Shaft NAPA Constant Velocity CV Joint Boot Clamp UJ3416 NAPA Constant Velocity CV Double Cardan Ball Seat KD 3191 Features Use wrench to securely fasten Band it R style free end clamps roll band and clips or Band it Jr. New heavy duty thermoplastic outer boot lifetime warranty Napa axle 115 Front L and R new axle oil seals 20 OEM rebuild kit for current leaky OEM axle 50 boots and grease and clamps 2PC CV Clamp and Joint Boot Clamp Pliers Tool Auto Ear Type Repair Plier Car Set. hose clamp pliers optional Procedure Summary there are 3 basic steps remove shifter cables starter clutch slave cylinder etc. Walmart 565926542. You should use a Lisle CV clamp plier 30800 for these. ca 29. They sell replacement bands. NOTE depending on your axle you will get a ready to install unit or one that you need to attached the inner cv joint in the cup housing and add grease and clip the boot on to the housing. 2 out of 5 stars 40 31. He 39 s saying to leave the inner boot and CV alone. If I can interchange em I 39 d much rather use a screw type hose clamp. 00 the guy puts a hose clamp on in less than 17 seconds gives me 3 extra clamps that you can mount with almost any pliers you have in a reg tool box. 00. Bring the new boot to Napa when you find these so that you can make sure they fit in the groove. 00 each. When you take joint apart you can easily clean it. 4 1. Economy banding tool. Knipex Tools 10 99 Ear Clamp Pliers necessary to tighten the clamps used to secure three of the four rubber boot clamps and the Moog clamps if you buy them. View description. com DA 12 PA 50 MOZ Rank 82. Remove steel or plastic objects cut wires or hold pipes and rods with unmatched precision by choosing from top notch Performance Tool pliers. Cupcake Business Plan. Product Line NAPA Service Tools. Made of die cast Aluminium and Steel Not Plastic Don t report a perished or worn CV boot in the hope Measure the axle diameter and get the right one in the shop. 99 29. All you do is use the tool to tighten the clamp and the fold it over and trim off the excess. 79 CAD 6. This kit includes enough boots grease and clamps and will do one axle you 39 ll need 2 kits to do them both . FOUND EM OETIKER. Then I came across this pair They are Balkamp CV boot pliers part BK 7769238 and are available at NAPA Auto Parts stores. The beauty of the hole on the outboard end of the axle is that its the perfect size to put the 5 16th punch in and hammer the axle out of the hub sure beats narfing the threads on the axle. ATA1218 VW Audi CV Joint Boot Tensioner. Hans Oetiker who invented the world 39 s first ear clamp. The earless type pliers are designed to fasten the clamps on the intake manifold quot trumpets quot . Buy Constant Velocity CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers SER 3955 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores JAWM 2Pcs Auto CV Clamp and Joint Boot Clamp Pliers Car Banding Tools Set Ear Type Boot Clamp Pliers STRETCH CV Boots suit over 97 of passenger vehicles 4 4 s Trucks SUV s ATV s Quad bikes and are guaranteed not to split on any CV Boot tool All STRETCH CV Boots are supplied with CV Joint grease and a pair of high quality ear type stainless steel clamps. AT6028B CV Boot Clamp Plier with 1 2. 258. The Tabs. The mandrel tightens the clamp holding it in place until the ears of the clamp are folded down. 31 quot Pliers SER 424 Get great deals on steering and suspension automotive parts at. 28. Leave drive shafts in the vehicle. The picture on top is the quot ear quot type while the picture on the bottom is the quot earless quot type. Dunno why I didn 39 t last time. Product Title Hose Clamp Pliers CV Boot clamp Clamp For Mercedes C Average rating 0 out of 5 stars based on 0 reviews Current Price 15. These can be purchased from SuperATV. C 30. for all band it and band it jr. lisle corporation. I screwed the Polaris clamp up cuz I 39 m too cheap to by the tool did I say EXPENSIVE so I just went to NAPA and got the clamp for a Honda front wheel drive car 3 and put it on with needle nose pliers. Constant Velocity CV Boot Clamp Pliers for ear less type clamps found on many front wheel and four wheel drive vehicles. take your fingers and pull the boot out a little bit to make sure theres no suction or ballooning. NAPA They come in varying quality and are made by several companies . Buy Lisle 30800 CV Boot Clamp Pliers online on Amazon. style clamps. This tool is used by turning the winding mandrel with a 1 2 quot socket or wrench. 00. And yeah The simple light worm drive on a rad hose clamp adds high speed rotational mass to a already high mileage axle that turns all of the time. com These CV boot crimp pliers are needed to install ear type CV joint clamps onto your CV boots. The 2. The above two pictures show the only two quot special tools quot I purchased for this job. Part BK 7769238. I found a cv boot from EMPI that was a perfect fit. Hilka Pro Craft CV Joint Assembly Removal Tool 4156R 3 of 4 75 reviewers would recommend this product. 4 Tighten the larger clamp and presto outer side done Well I had some time on Sat. I agree with replacing whole axles. 4pcs Universal Constant Velocity CV Boot Joint Fitting Cone Stretch with 4 Discussion Starter 6 Jul 25 2015. Pliers is spring loaded to the open The Oetiker Group delivers OEM quality in all of our Aftermarket hose clamps and quick connects for fluid line connection needs in both Passenger and Commercial Vehicles. I 39 d also suggest a ball joint separator tool. CV Boot Clamp Pliers hose clamp pliers Got these at O 39 Reilly 39 s for 9. CV Boot Clamp 99951248600 Oetiker Porsche 999 512 486 00 Pelican Parts I went ahead and ordered Porsche genuine ones from Pelican 911 332 257 00 OEM . Length Fits Ear Type Clamps Each. Replace CV Boots in minutes. Overview. CV Boot Clamp Pliers . Sold amp shipped by Then take a pair of pliers channel locks work good here or even better the 10 cv boot clamp pliers and squeeze the ear together this will give a final torque to the clamp. I 39 ve done many of them on axles that were in otherwise good condition. Buy Constant Velocity CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers SER 3955 online from NAPA Auto Parts Stores. Remove inner CV joint cir clip from inner lip. CV Boot Clamp Installer With a built in cutter and winding mechanism the banding can be tightened and cut quickly and effectively. 242 Posts. When I took it off I did so very carefully just in case so I was able to just spread the crimp with ring pliers reset it and recrimp it with clamp crimps. Part 614 701. This one had a long tab in the front that needed to be bent up to release the clamp but once bent it released easily with a pair of pliers like a common cv boot clamp. For California consumers more information about our privacy practices. Hose clamp pliers like the ones pictured above do a much better job or removing spring hose clamps than regular pliers. Const Bosch Automotive Service Solutions 28635 Mound Road Warren MI 48092 USA. It looks like this I know I can use dikes or pliers or make something or re use the old clamp but I would rather just get it done right and not worry about leaking grease every day. We fix all types of cars we dealt with mostly after market parts. Easily remove both plastic and metal hose clamps including those that are self tightening and gain access to the parts of your car you need to repair Torn CV Boot question WITH PICS Not much more work involved in rebooting compared to swapping the whole half shaft. com to look up the part numbers and then ordered the parts from pelicanparts. Pickup in Store not currently available. Last. I can post a picture and product code of a NAPA parts store pliers I bought later today if u want. Depending on the style of clamp different types of CV boot clamp pliers are needed pictured here is a design for removing ear type clamps. BMW 31 1 170 Inner CV joint puller. 258. SKU 421149. Free In Store or Curbside Gorgeri Portable CV Joint Boot Clamp Ear Pliers Automotive Professional Banding Crimper Tool 2 12. End Cutter Pliers work okay. 98 23 . 59. For fastening of clamps on CV boots fuel hoses and water hoses without causing damage to spring band clamps and hoses. Package Included 1 x CV Clamp Tool 1 x CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers . I don 39 t know how the joints are retained on a MZ3 but you might need a good set of snap ring pliers and or circlip pliers. Please help. 22. to 2djsuUNJust a quick overview of the Lisle earless CV boot clamp pliers. Heavy Duty CV Boot Clamp Pliers Joint Tool Ear Type Clamp Crimping Removal with a 1 2 quot Torque Wrench Universal Fit VW Audi BMW Mercedes Honda Mazda Vehicles 4. 40. Cut the clamps an boots off and the cv 39 s The last step of the rebuild is to install the CV boot clamps on this end of the joint. in which case the CV is usually Amounts shown in italicized text are for items listed in currency other than Canadian dollars and are approximate conversions to Canadian dollars based upon Bloomberg 39 s conversion I bought pliers for installing oem type cv boot clamps at Napa Auto. b Cv Boot Clamp Tool Advance Auto. However I could not get it tight enough the crimp was already maxed out. 12. Images. Yesterday I noticed the passenger side inner boot had a little greese on the CV shaft. Coolant Hose Connector. Discussion Starter 1 Jan 4 2010. Test drive and check for any loose clamps leaks. It 39 s a small amount of money getting it all together but it 39 s the price of admission. With over 400 stores our team are here to help you make the right choice every time. Jump to Latest Follow 1 19 of 19 Posts I bought mine from Harbor Freight for 79. Special jaw allows the change from fit to remove simply by turning the pliers over. Optional step If you are going to be doing a 5th gear swap while the transmission is out remove the transmission end cover and get the large torx bolts loose now. Save 6 with voucher. 25 shipping. 175 Posts. ae at best prices. 5. 45 each shipped to the USA only. 30 ea. Category CV Joint Boot Installation Tool. Dorman CV Boot Kit 614 701. Tool 8700225 Boot clamp pliers for EARLESS type bands. com Lisle 30800 CV Boot Clamp Pliers Automotive or here Sears Online department store featuring appliances tools fitness equipment and more or any tool truck or automotive tool Remove all four CV boot clamps. main street. This is my first 4 stroke yamaha what do I need for clutching Just get a remaned CV axle from Napa no mess and never seen a aftermarket DIY boot clamp ever hold for very long. Save up to 70 on labour time. But I 39 ve since bought a lifetime supply from www. It is for earless type clamps. Get them from Napa or something. 40 CAD as additional item Part SER 3956. I can easily turn the boot independent of the shaft. I 39 d also suggest a ball joint separator tool I did check at NAPA and they did have some clamps 2 or so only 2 sizes but lots of adjustment room and pliers 30 . Get the clamp pliers too 15 for these is a great price. CV Joint Boot Clamp Banding Tool JCWhitney If the auto parts store tells you you need pliers for this clamp they are WRONG. Only 1 left in stock. Lisle 30800 CV Boot Clamp Pliers. Clamp style CV boot band tool One option KD CV Boot Clamp Tool KD3955 Circ clip pliers Three jaw puller sometimes required for CV disassembly CV removal tool optional but helpful for outer CV removal Angle grinder Welder Torque Specs New Hardware o Diff Cover Bolts 25 ft lbf You 39 ll also need 2 tools that I would imagine you can find somewhere but I can 39 t locate the BMW tools anywhere. 3 liter and they fit the inner amp outer cv joints. 12 oz. Heavy duty spring loaded pliers for fitting and removing clic and clic R hose clips. The CV joint is clearing but it looks to me like the metal tab on the oetiker clamp is poking out and rubbing on the piece below it. CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers Steel Black 9. com DA 18 PA 13 MOZ Rank 32. The half shaft has two boots on it for the two joints. If the Boot Is Shrunken You ll need a couple of packets of CV joint grease and a CV boot clamp. Napa had some replacement clamps for 2. Thanks. Only tools you will need are something to cut old boot out something to take snap ring out and pliers for cv boot clamps to but it back together. i got a napa axle that i need to attached the inner joint in to the cup. Sold by iShopDirect. 53. Suits over 95 of ALL vehicles. The other option is to source the VW 1 4 quot wide 6mm axle boot clamps. LISLE 30800. CV boot clamp installer To be used with any banding up to 10mm in width. How do I get it on Hammer or special tool. 82. Ask for CV boot clamp pliers _____ Bill You and your GHETTO boot clamps Thought I 39 d never say this but Polaris boot clamps work well. 0 stars out of 5 stars Write a review. They had good sharp corners on the jaws. 20. K D Tool CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers 424 MADE IN THE USA 28. Cv Joint Boot Clamps Pliers Keenso Ear Type Boot Clamp Pliers Cv Joint Clamp Banding Install Tool Car Banding Kit Dust Casing Bundle Pliers 3. 2 Also you can make a great lasting seal with a zip tie just have to get it tight with a screwdriver to hold the end steady while you tighten with pliers to pull. These are a snapring pliers and a CV Boot clamp tool. I was just have a bit of fun in my last post. Universal Ear Type CV Joint Boot Clamp Pliers by Performance Tool . Joined May 8 2009. mcmaster. Most refurbishing is done in Mexico these days and the new junk comes from China. Titan Tool 5in Curved Locking Clamp Pliers 4. R Type Collar Hose Clip Clamp Pliers Water Pipe CV Boot Clamp Calliper Car A5J8. Custom Mba Report Sample Crimp Type CV Boot Clip Fitting. 19d 11h left 3 8 11 00 From China. Comes in a skin pack. I had a hell of a time getting the CV off the hollow axle. napa cv boot clamp pliers